Protected, secure, and confidential

Enterprise-level security, cutting-edge encryption, advanced identity management, administrative controls, and more. Every aspect of Previsto is crafted to safeguard your data and ensure its security. Your business remains confidential and protected, as it should be.

Peace of mind on subscription

Previsto is built with best-in-class security measures to give you security and peace of mind in your work. This includes advanced encryption and secure and reliable infrastructure partners.

Admin controls

You can easily restrict who has access to you data and how much.

Secure infrastructure partners

Previsto uses Digital Ocean and hosts services in its own secure cloud space.

Keep unauthorized people out

Previsto offers multiple ways to login for added security.

Login example

Passwordless login

Previsto requires no user-specified password for login, which enhances security by preventing the reuse of passwords or the use of low-quality ones. Also, your co-workers do not need to remember yet another password.

One-Time-Password(OTP) via Email

Login via email with email codes. A unique code is sent by email and can be used only once.


Login instantly using Passkeys, leveraging your device's built-in security features such as TouchID, FaceID, Windows Hello, and more.

Protect your data

Data encryption

Previsto forces HTTPS on all connections and encrypts data in-transit with TLS 1.2.

Guest accounts

Invite contractors, external stakeholders, or other members with limited access.