Data to enrich your insight

For service professionals and craftsmen, achieving excellence requires a balance of skill and data-driven insights. Previsto offers advanced reporting and analytics features to support this.

Understand your business

Previsto offers real-time analytics of your Previsto data that you can act on. Visualize data across your entire workspace. Spot trends and track how your business is growing.


Monthly recurring revenue (MRR)

A total revenue generated from recurring tasks within a month. Tracking MRR helps you understand your revenue trends, predict future earnings, and assess the health of your business model. Revenue is forecasted six months ahead and then averaged to provide a monthly revenue estimate.

Gross Volume

Gross volume represents the total revenue generated by your business from sales transactions within a given period, before accounting for any deductions such as discounts or returns. Monitoring gross volume provides a comprehensive view of your business's sales performance and overall revenue activity, offering valuable insights into the scale and health of your commercial operations.

Predicted Gross Volume

Predicted gross volume refers to the anticipated total revenue that your business is forecasted to generate within a future timeframe, derived from advanced forecasting methods and analytical models. This predictive metric enables you to proactively plan and allocate resources, anticipate market demand, and optimize inventory management strategies to align with projected sales volumes.