Previsto makes planning a breeze again

We develop a planning tool for the quality-conscious

Planning tasks and projects used to be simple. But it is not any more. An abundance of regulations, a busy workday and a never-ending list of goals to achieve makes it difficult to plan optimally. At the same time, the planning tools and processes used are often suboptimal and slow down the entire workflow.

This frustrated us and we decided to build something better. Something that people would actually enjoy using. We named it Previsto because it allows you to see into the future of your business.

What started as a route planner has evolved into a powerful task management tool that streamlines workflows across your entire business. We don't just see Previsto as a better "system", but as a better "way" to plan work.

Today, thousands of businesses around the world use Previsto to plan and invoice their work. Previsto helps them focus on what they do best: delivering quality services to their own customers.