New updates and improvements to Previsto.

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June 11, 2024

Labels and simpler invitation flow

We've added the ability to create labels that can be applied to service agreements and tasks. In addition, we've rewritten our entire invitation flow to make it easier to invite new members into your organization.

Just the labels you need

Label setting

You can create just the labels you need and you can give them any color you want to suit your needs. Once you've created a label, you can apply it to service agreements and tasks.

Label specification

Simplified invitation flow

We've made it much easier to invite new employees. As before, you can invite them via email, but now you can also simply send them a link that gives them direct access to your company. This allows you to send the invitation to them in the way you personally want.

Link to invitation

Your new employee will be greeted by a simple and beautiful page with a presentation of your company and the option to accept the invitation.

Invitation view

Corrections and improvements

  • Fixed various bugs in the user interface.
  • Flexible date setting is now always shown.
  • Changed preparation url structure to be able to link directly to any page view.
  • Added time registration to the mobile app.
  • Fixed errors when presenting integrations.
  • Improved language selection in the user interface.
  • Made wording related to workflow alignment more clear.
  • Changed settings to be shown as full view instead of in a dialog.
  • Fixed bug with suggested dates on mobile.
  • Added various details on tasks in the mobile app.
  • Added PDF view in the mobile app.
  • Made list view in the mobile app configurable.
  • Clarified button texts for subtasks in service agreements to avoid ambiguity.
  • Simplified onboarding flow.
  • Simplified login flow.

May 15, 2024

Setting the workflow

We've added workflow settings that allow you to specify actions when tasks change status. Until now, there was a fixed logic that controlled what happened to tasks when they changed status, but with this change you can customize it to your own business needs.

3 different settings

Workflow setting

It is possible to set an action in the following 3 situations:

  • A task is started.
  • A task changes status from started to completed.
  • A task changes status to completed without having been marked started.

In each of these situations, you can specify which action to perform. You can choose whether the start time of a task should be updated when the task changes status, whether the duration should be updated and how the time should be distributed or you can choose not to perform any action at all.

Fixes and improvements

  • Customized some visual elements when editing service agreements.
  • Optimized keyboard shortcuts when editing service agreements.
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to save a service agreement even if changes had been made.
  • Made it clearer what information must be entered to create a service agreement.
  • Made it possible to delete a service agreement without archiving it first.

April 30, 2024

Redesign of service agreements

We've made major improvements to the service agreement interface to make it easier for you to create and edit them as needed. You now have a much better overview of each agreement and you can create templates that you can reuse to create new service agreements. Read below to see some of the changes we've made.

Better user interface

We explained in our blog post that we wanted to revamp the service agreement interface and why. We've now done that and the result is an interface with a simpler look and better overview.

Service agreements in Previsto


As part of the new design, it is now possible to create subtasks on service agreements. Both the main task and the subtasks will be created on the same scheduled task. Service agreements with subtasks


We have added the option to add comments to the service agreement. This allows you to communicate internally in the context of the individual service agreement.

Comments on service agreements


To make it easier to create service agreements, we have added the ability to create templates for service agreements. Templates can be created and edited under Settings > Templates. When creating a new service agreement, it is possible to use the created templates to pre-populate the service agreement.

Service agreement templates

Fixes and improvements

  • Navigation could sometimes be displayed when not logged in.
  • Some subscriptions got incorrect settings.
  • Added time in the notification overview.
  • Some users previously linked to a company could be shown in overviews.

March 15, 2024

Integrations and add-ons

Integrationer i Previsto

Vi har over en længere periode tilpasset Previsto til at være mere modulopbygget med henblik på at kunne udvide systemet efter de enkelte virksomheders behov. Med Integrationer og add-ons tager vi næste skridt i en retning hvor du kan tilpasse Previsto til lige det planlægningssystem du har brug for.

Du kan tilgå Integrationer i indstillinger og frit tilvælge de integrationer du har behov for.

Time registration

Tidsregistrering er første første add-on. Tilføj tidsregistrering for at give dine medarbejdere mulighed for at registrere deres arbejdstid. Det giver dig mulighed for at følge med i hvor mange timer dine medarbejdere reelt arbejder. De informationer kan du bruge til udbetaling af løn samt at overholde regler og love for arbejdstid.


Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed several issues in our subscription system
  • Added subscription information badge in navigation bar
  • Fixed issue with datepicker in dashboard which included a day more than selected
  • Fixed issue with non-unique orderlines on invoices created in accounting system
  • Fixed issue with navigation bar flickering and sometimes did not display correctly
  • Changed payment handling to be handled purely by Stripe in order to have an improved payment and security flow
  • Removed subscription trials in favor of life time free subscription plan
  • Fixes issue with settings dialog not displaying correct area initially