Planning tools that help you work

Previsto is designed to resolve obstacles in planning. Simple yet powerful, it assists you in planning far ahead in time, managing resource changes, making better decisions, and completing work on time. You don't have to figure out how to plan your work; it's built into the product.

Plan your work one tasks at a time.

Gain an overview of what needs to be done by creating tasks for every piece of work you want to plan. Tasks are the fundamental concept in Previsto and the primary building block for planning your work.



Specify the contact for whom the work is planned, and if desired, automatically send an invoice to that contact.

Delivery address

For tasks where the work is to be executed at an address different from the contact's address, specify the delivery address so that the work is planned for that specific location instead.

Planning details

Easily specify when the work is to be executed and by whom. Alternatively, you can choose not to be too specific and let Previsto plan the details for you.

Stay connected to your customers

Keep track of your customers and their data. By centralizing them in one place, you ensure that you always have the right information at hand.



Specify the contacts address once. Previsto will find it's coordinate behind the scene so it can be used for improving routes where work is planned for the contact.

Phone and email

Keep your contact's information in sync by specifying them here. It allows you to send notifications to your customer when work is impending or completed.


Keeps internal details about a contact by adding notes for your co-workers to see. That way you ensure you are on the same track.

Define and plan recurring tasks

Plan, track, and manage service agreements from start to finish. Service agreements can be shared across all your co-workers. Tasks will automatically be planned for you according to the properties of the agreement.

Service agreements

Delivery address

If necessary, you can specify that tasks should be planned for an address other than the contact's own address.

Description and duration

Add a description and duration for the service agreements. These details will automatically be applied to the tasks that will be planned.


Add internal notes for your co-workers to see. These notes will be applied to the planned tasks, ensuring that everyone is on track.

Planning details

Tasks are planned automatically. You enter the recurrence of the tasks needed, and Previsto will automatically generate tasks for you into the future.

Built-in route optimization

Stop wasting time on poorly planned driving routes. Optimize your driving and pollute less with built-in route optimization.

Route optimize

Less Co2 emissions

Previsto knows the distances between all your customers and can calculate the best driving routes based on that. The result is less pollution in the form of lower CO2 emissions without you having to do anything extra. In fact, you need to do less: Drive less, fill up less, plan less.

Optimize across employees

Previsto also knows the address of each member of your organization and can match that information with task assignments to select the right person for a task. Of course, you can still specify exactly who should do what, but if you want the best route, Previsto can do it for you.

Service windows

Respect your customers' requests for visiting hours. Specify a customer's service window if you want routes scheduled to meet the times of day they want to visit.

Respect working hours

Specify working hours for members of your organization. Previsto will plan the routes to respect each person's working hours as much as possible.

Plan vacation and illness

When an employee goes on vacation or falls ill, large parts of the plan may need to be changed. But Previsto can do this for you by distributing the work to other employees while still planning the best routes.