Mark work completed

Specify when an assignment has been completed, so the job can be billed and you can see how much work you have left.

When work is done, it must be marked as done. It gives you a visual overview of what work you have done at what time, as well as having a work sheet on the work done. It also provides Previsto with the information that will be used to plan the work in the future.

Mark Work Completed

You can choose to mark a single assignment as completed or the entire route. Often an employee will mark the work done through his smartphone as the day progresses and you will be able to see what has been done and what has happened.

Single assignment

Mark individual assignment as completed By clicking on the individual customer on the card you can mark the work as done and it will appear so on the map immediately.

Entire routes

Mark planned route completed On the right side of the list of customers for the day, you can mark all assignments as completed. This means that all customers you have not yet processed on the route will be marked as completed at once and will appear as such on the map immediately.

Our Customers

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