Create Customers

Previsto can handle infinite customers.

With Previsto Premium you can have an unlimited number of customers in the company. If you have Previsto Starter, you are limited to 100 active customers.

In the menu, select “Customers” and then click on the orange + at the bottom of the page. Fill out customer information and click the box done at the top.

What does ‘EAN’ mean?

An EAN number is a 13-digit number that characterizes a particular public company. EAN stands for “European Article Numbering”. This is the specific number that will appear on the invoice when you send it to a municipality.

What does ‘customer number’ mean?

The number is used if you want to refer to the same customer created in an external system, fx. an accounting system. This gives an easy overview of which customers should be invoiced from your external accounting system. See [more about accounting] (/en/support/accounting-intro/) when using Previsto.

The customer is now established and you are ready to create agreements for the customer.

** What now? ** Learn how to create your agreements with your customers.

Our Customers

This is some of our clients who help us by using Previsto

  • Byens polering
  • Puds Nord
  • Northply