Create or edit agreements

Your agreements with customers are what Previsto is about.

After the customer is created, agreements must be created as well. You can have any number of agreements on each customer as needed. You can create an agreement from the customer view by pressing ‘+’ at the bottom. If you want to edit an existing agreement, just click on the agreement in the list.

The General tab

This tab contains the most general information about your appointment.


This field specifies the contents of the work and will be displayed in all places where the agreement appears; On the employee’s smartphone or on printed worksheets and other places.


Indicates how long it is approximately takes to do the work. When Previsto plans work, this information is used to calculate the length of the working day. The more precisely this information is specified, the more Previsto can optimize the planning.


Information about how much it costs the customer to get the job done. The amount will appear on the employee’s smartphone o, printed worksheet and also used for automati invoicing.

Type of Agreement

By default, the agreement type is Standard, which means the assignment can be planned for itself. If you choose Supplementary, the assignment will only be planned if you already go to the customer in connection with a Standard agreement. This is often used by window cleaners for eg. Indoor window cleaning that you only want to do when you also have other work at the address.

The Planning Tab

This tab indicates how Previsto should plan the work.

Future Planning

Indicates whether the agreement will continue to be planned. If you turn off future planning, it will no longer be scheduled, but you are free to turn it back on later.

Next Time

Allows you to define how Previsto should plan the agreement. You can choose between Automatic or ` Specific date`.

  • Automatic:This is the most widely used. When the agreement is Automatic, you will be given the option to specify an interval to schedule by, for example Every 4 weeks, every 2 months etc. You can also choose to specify a more specific range - for example The 1st Tuesday of every 2 months - if you need it.
  • Specific date: If you choose Specific date Previsto will make sure that the work is being planned exactly on this date - neither before or after. If you want the agreement to fall back to being Automatic after you’ve done the work next time, you can choose so.

Click done at the top right to save your work.

** What now? ** Read about [how the automatic scheduling] (/en/support/planning-route/) works.

Our Customers

This is some of our clients who help us by using Previsto

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