Manual workflow

This is how you integrate manually to external accounting systems

This workflow supports most existing accounting systems, but requires - in contrast to the automatic Workflow - more manual work. The setup is simple; Just do the following for each customer you create in Previsto:

  1. Find your customer’s customer number (or another unique number for the customer) in your accounting system.
  2. Create the customer in Previsto. When creating, enter the customer number in the customer number field.
  3. Save the customer and continue with the next customer.

Once you have specified customer number for your customers, the number will automatically appear on the worksheets you retrieve from Previsto. This way you can print a day’s work, see exactly which customers should be invoice and easily find them in your accounting system so that you can start invoicing.

Our Customers

This is some of our clients who help us by using Previsto

  • Byens polering
  • Puds Nord
  • Northply