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Previsto makes planning of the work in your business more simple and clear. Many organizations still use a lot of time planning the coming week’s work and tasks. This is often inefficient and expensive. With Previsto you will have your planning improved so that tasks are planned and executed the best possible way for you as a supervisor. It will optimize your employees’ working day and save you money.

Easily schedule all tasks in the calendar

The calendar is the focal point of Previsto. The calendar enables effective planning and provides a better overview of who is to do what, when and for how long. In the calendar you will see all your agreements, and it is easy to view and change all the details of an agreement. New agreements are created easily and instantly available to employees and customers.

As an employee you get the calendar with an overview of your appointments with detailed information. As the owner or person in charge gets you a comprehensive overview of all employees, appointments and hours. Zoom in and out of the calendar, which functions as timeline, for an overview of a greater or lesser period.

"Ingeniously route planning tool from Previsto, no less!"
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Previstos automatic route planning

Intelligent, automatic route planning

Previsto does what you often may not have time to do: Plan workdays so everything is done in the right order. This means you can reach more customers in less time. Previsto plans the optimal route enabling you to reach all your customers on the time and interval agreed upon. The routes also calculated optimal for multiple employees so they have the shortest route possible to do their work.

Moving with the times

Eliminate paper and make the operation more streamlined with Previsto in an entirely paper-free environment. Sticky notes, paper notes and spreadsheets are some of the things companies previously used. Why cling to old habits and methods when the future is here and also makes it easier to be both the supervisor and the employees?

Previstos app on a smartphone
Previsto on a computer

Future-proof and scalable

Whether you use a computer, a tablet or a smartphone, you can use Previsto; You just need to be connected to the Internet. All updates are available online, so you do not need to download new versions or install anything. You have access to the basics when you’re on the road, while the more advanced things can be adjusted when you have time and are in the office.

Free choice of accounting system

Previsto is a tool that can plan for you, but some companies need to manage documents in their accounts. Therefore, it is possible to integrate with a professional accounting system.

Accounting and Previsto on a laptop

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More opportunities for efficiency improvements are being developed all the time. Integration with more ERP systems, mobile app and improved planning is our main focus. More information will be available on this site, but sign up for our newsletter if you want to be sure to always get the latest news.

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