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Introduction to Previsto


If you need to contact Previsto's support, for example, to report an error, you can read about our support here.

These pages describe Previsto's features and options in practice. The articles take you from setting up your own account in Previsto all the way to invoicing completed work. Use the search at the top right or the menu on the left to find the help you need.

API for developers

If you're more interested in how you can integrate with Previsto, you can read about our API.

Previsto's platform

Previsto allows you to plan work for many customers across many employees. Previsto handles the agreements made with customers, manages intervals for recurring tasks, and plans work tasks across employees.

Previsto can automatically plan many of the tasks alone based on the following information:

The employees' location/address and working hours Location for performing work (e.g. the customer's address) The customer's agreement and any intervals. In cases where the automatic planning is not as desired, it is easy to adjust it manually via Previsto's user interface.

Previsto's route planning If you have many customers, you know how time-consuming it is to plan the work so that too much time is not spent on transportation. If there are several employees in the company, it becomes even more difficult to figure out how to develop the best routes while maintaining agreements with customers.

Previsto has a deep integration with geographic data. This makes it possible to calculate driving distances and times between all customers' and employees' locations. Combined with Previsto's intelligent calculation engine, the system can plan work tasks, across many employees, with minimal driving.

The challenge of calculating the shortest driving distances is complicated. There is no mathematical formula that can calculate the best solution, and it is also very difficult for the human brain to calculate the routes optimally - also considering the many requirements that are often placed on them, such as:

  • An employee is sick
  • A customer needs to be taken care of by one or more specific employees
  • A customer needs to be visited at a specific time of day
  • A customer needs to be taken care of at a specific interval (e.g. every 4 weeks)
  • etc.

Based on the available information, Previsto can automatically perform route planning. It calculates all distances between customers and employees, takes the customers' intervals into account, and then finds the most optimal routes that fit the employees' working hours while ensuring minimal driving.

What can I use Previsto for?

We have customers in many different industries such as window cleaning, property maintenance, home care, gardeners, traveling salespeople, and more. But Previsto can be used in many more industries.

We also continuously listen to customer input to improve the system for use in more industries. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at