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New features: Mini-CRM, seasonal tasks and time tracking

We've recently spent a lot of time preparing even more features in - for your benefit! You may already be familiar with them, as they are all online and ready to use.

Time your tasks

Do you know the exact time spent on the tasks you do on a daily basis? Now you can time your tasks to ensure optimal utilization of your own and your colleagues' working hours.

You can see how to use this feature in this video:

Keep track of customers even better with mini-CRM

We have created a note feature in Previsto. Now you can write down messages under each customer, which are then logged with name and date stamp. When you or your colleague then look under a specific customer's notes, all previous notes are listed for easy review.

When can it be used? For example, you could jot down a brief description of a verbal agreement made over the phone. As a manager of a company, you might also appreciate seeing the note "I rang the doorbell twice and called the customer with no answer" from 08:04 from your colleague when the customer calls in later in the day and scolds you for not showing up as agreed at 08:00.

The only limit to what information you want to share with each other in Notes is your imagination.

See the feature in practice right here:

Add seasonal tasks

Do you only mow the lawn in the summer? Or do you clean windows in a summer cottage area where seasonal agreements run from March to September? Then there's good news for you!

Add a task in a season and let it repeat year after year. This way, you don't have to see a seasonal task appear continuously throughout the year or create the same tasks season after season.

You can see how it's done right here:

**Full help section

There can be a lot to keep track of when using software to make your workday easier. That's why we remind you that our help section is always available when questions arise.

You can get quick help by reading the answer to a question yourself or watching the videos that explain the individual functions in Previsto.

You can find the help section right here:

We hope that the above additions will make your workday even easier!

Sincerely yours