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Update: February 2022

Welcome to Previsto's monthly newsletter, where we will summarize the news we have had in connection with Previsto recently.

Option to specify an end date

Do you have agreements that you know in advance when they will end? Now you can specify it on the appointments and let Previsto make sure that the planning ends automatically on time. Read more

Adjustment to notifications for notes

Following requests from Previsto users, we have made a few adjustments to when and how to notify via email about notes in Previsto. Read more

New options in Previsto's mobile app

Here at Previsto, we want to make our app an even more powerful tool for those of you on the go. That's why we've added a couple of new options that many have requested: Favorite employees and plans for all employees. Read more


A long-requested feature in Previsto is the ability to link files directly to customers. We are happy to announce that this is now possible and a little bit about how you can use it. Read more

Upcoming changes to the user interface

We want to optimize our user interface for regular computers. This means that in the near future there will be some major changes to the user interface that may affect your or your employees' daily lives. Read more