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Update: April 2022

Welcome to Previsto's monthly newsletter, where we will summarize the news we have had in connection with Previsto over the past month.

New options for editing tasks

In Previsto, scheduling tasks is essential. But there have been limited options for editing individual tasks. With our newest release, we provide much better options for editing tasks. Read more

Tool for adjusting prices

Every year, prices in society rise. Even though inflation is currently higher than normal, it's perfectly normal for it to increase slightly. Therefore, many companies need to be able to adjust the prices of their contracts on an ongoing basis. They can now easily do this in Previsto with our new price adjustment tool. Read more

Further development of Previsto's planning logic

In March, we have focused on optimizing different parts of Previsto's planning logic. The fruit of this is that the automatic scheduling will react faster, scheduling will automatically be further optimized every night and we can optimize the logic even more in the future. Read more

A new planning calendar takes shape

Over the past few weeks, we have been working hard to optimize the planning calendar in Previsto. We're not quite there yet, but we want to show you what you can look forward to right now. Read more