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With our latest update, a long-awaited feature has been added to Previsto. When you create or edit an appointment, you can now easily see dates for when you have nearby work. This allows you to find an optimal start date for your appointments faster.

When we originally built Previsto's user interface, there was a general focus on the fact that a user interface should be able to adapt to the size of the screen - from a small mobile phone with a screen of a few inches to a large computer screen the size of a TV. And for the most part, this makes perfect sense - but a change is needed.

Since the new year, we have been working on a major change in our data structure to prepare Previsto for the future. The changes have now taken effect and we are happy to share some of the improvements and what they mean for you in the future.

What has happened to Previsto in the last few months?

We are working hard to deliver a simple system for you - but also a flexible system that fits your needs. We have received a lot of feedback from selected plasterers and are in the process of building the core of our system.

We're creating an open interface that our mobile app will use - but when we say 'open', we mean open. Anyone will be able to develop an application using our interface.

Want to make an application that automatically adjusts your route planning according to the weather forecast - go for it! Want to have an update in your own system every time a customer is finished - Go for it!

Previsto is building the window cleaning system of the future and we'd love to have you on board.