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Previsto and the General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an EU law that will tighten and unify data protection laws for everyone in the EU. The law comes into effect on May 25, 2018. As an EU company, started and run by individuals who value privacy, we are committed to GDPR compliance.

What data do we collect and where is it stored?

Our website or API:

Our servers are hosted in the EU and all our data is also stored in the EU. On our website we use analytics tools to help us understand, in anonymous form, how our website is used.

When you register, you must provide your name, company details, email address, etc. We need an email address to be able to contact you e.g. when there are changes regarding Previsto and our privacy policy. Regarding the data you enter about your customers, name and address are required information. What else you enter about your customers is entirely up to you.

The information you enter is stored in a database and is accessible to our employees. You can view and change the information you have entered on your profile page when you are logged in. Sensitive data in our database is encrypted. The database is protected and only accessible via encrypted connections. We regularly back up our data and store it in the EU.

In addition to hosting servers and analytics tools, we use sub-processors for the following:

  • Address lookup
  • Sending emails and text messages
  • Administration of newsletters
  • Administration of payments

Financial information:

If you become a paying customer, you will need to provide us and our payment partner with payment information. We will not be able to see your credit card information - only our sub-processor (a PCI-certified entity) has access to it. As with any other business, we share our financial data with accountants and the relevant tax authorities.

Deletion of data

Any user (paying or not) can request to have their account deleted at any time. This can be done under "Company" when logged in or by contacting us. Free accounts that have not been used for more than 6 months will automatically be deleted. For paying customers, we are obliged to retain financial information for the tax authorities even after a request for data deletion.

Data processing agreement

When you register with us, you will be asked to accept our terms and conditions. By accepting our terms, you also accept our Data Processing Agreement which you can download for free. It is not necessary to sign a separate document.


If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us at

Stay up to date

In case of major changes to this document or our data processing agreement, we will inform you via our newsletter and our blog.