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Prepared for the future!

Since the new year, we have been working on a major change in our data structure to prepare Previsto for the future. The changes have now taken effect and we are happy to share some of the improvements and what they mean for you in the future.

Optimized scheduling speed

Our automatic scheduler has sometimes caused the user interface to feel sluggish. This is because the work was only added to the calendar after the automatic scheduling was done - which often takes 2-6 seconds or more.

We have therefore made several changes in this regard. Firstly, work will be added to the calendar as soon as you save an appointment and you can continue working. Subsequently, the automatic scheduling will start and update the placement of some tasks in the timeline if needed. Secondly, we've optimized the scheduler to make it faster. Both result in a user interface that feels a bit more snappy than before.

Data structure for the future

We had some challenges with the way we stored future tasks. This meant that it was not possible to do pre-invoicing for more than the upcoming workday. It was also not possible to schedule more than one future task per appointment, which is essential for tasks with very short intervals.

The new data structure gives us much more flexibility and allows us to implement proper pre-invoicing and better planning for very short intervals. It also makes it easier for us to implement cash payment handling, sudden extra work for a customer and much more.

Live update across devices

An extra bonus feature that has been included in this update is that changes to the plan are updated live across devices. This means that if an employee in the field is using their mobile device, changes to the plan will be reflected in the user interface of the office worker back at the office.