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The overview in Previsto has long shown the current turnover of your company. This makes it possible to look back in time to see if revenue is increasing or decreasing. But what about revenue going forward?

Previsto is work planning. And we want to continuously optimize the planning Previsto has to offer. With the latest update to Previsto, it's now possible to see your company's plans 6 months ahead.

When we originally built Previsto's user interface, there was a general focus on the fact that a user interface should be able to adapt to the size of the screen - from a small mobile phone with a screen of a few inches to a large computer screen the size of a TV. And for the most part, this makes perfect sense - but a change is needed.

You will soon see some changes in your interface regarding your overview of your Previsto subscription and payments. But we would like to give you an insight into this and explain what it means for the security of your payment information.

An agreement on joint ownership of Previsto has today been entered into between Previsto Aps and Glad Ejendomsservice. This cooperation agreement helps to ensure Previsto's future operations and development.

We've listened to some of the many requests for Previsto and implemented 5 small details that might make life a little easier for you.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an EU law that will tighten and unify data protection laws for everyone in the EU. The law comes into effect on May 25, 2018. As an EU company, started and run by individuals who value privacy, we are committed to GDPR compliance.

Many need to let their customers know the date the work will be done or send a notification when the work has been done. Some customers prefer email and others SMS, but it's not always easy to keep track of. It's now made much easier with Previsto's support for notifications.

A long-requested feature in Previsto is the ability to organize your customers into groups in order to plan accordingly. You can now create and organize your customers into customer groups and improve planning in your business at the same time.

The more customers you have, the more demands you have. One of the things that is often demanded is the time of day the work is done at the customer's site - a service window or time window. Therefore, we are happy to announce that Previsto now supports service windows for individual customers.

Planning good routes is hard, but planning optimal routes when multiple employees are involved is next to impossible. But now you can use Previsto with multiple employees and automatically calculate the most optimal routes for them.

As mentioned in previous post, it is not always possible to plan exactly what needs to be done at the customer site. It has already been possible to change the tasks or remove a task that wasn't going to be done anyway, but we have recently given you even more options.

It's not always possible to complete your work as planned. The customer may not be home or there may be things that prevent you from getting to where you need to work. You may therefore need to adjust the planned work when you are at the customer's site - and the latest changes in Previsto allow you to do just that.

Since the new year, we have been working on a major change in our data structure to prepare Previsto for the future. The changes have now taken effect and we are happy to share some of the improvements and what they mean for you in the future.

Many people use their phones or small tablets on the go, so we've made the user interface better. Among other things, there is a new feature that allows you to call the customer "directly" from the page. Some people need to make an appointment with the customer to come in at a certain time; this is now faster and easier.

You know when a customer contacts you because they want to skip the next job? Until now, Previsto has allowed you to postpone the work for a period of time, but many have told us that they missed the ability to see afterwards that the work was skipped. We've done something about that!

One of the things that sets Previsto apart from our competitors is the ability to plan and optimize routes automatically. Many people are used to doing this manually, which is both time-consuming and difficult to maintain as the customer base grows. We want to change that!

But until now, it has been difficult to get a really good insight into how the work is planned in relation to the desired working hours. So we sat down and discussed the design of our timeline with the goal of optimizing it. We've now broken ground and would like to show you what we've changed so far and explain a bit about what we want to do with it in the future.

One of the most requested features in Previsto lately is the ability to easily make manual changes to the plan. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we can introduce the latest changes we have made to the planning interface: Drag and Drop!

We are constantly developing the Previsto user interface: adding new features, fixing bugs and working to improve the user experience. We do this based on the feedback we get from you - input that we value greatly. The newest feature we've added is Infinite history.

What has happened to Previsto in the last few months?

We are working hard to deliver a simple system for you - but also a flexible system that fits your needs. We have received a lot of feedback from selected plasterers and are in the process of building the core of our system.

We're creating an open interface that our mobile app will use - but when we say 'open', we mean open. Anyone will be able to develop an application using our interface.

Want to make an application that automatically adjusts your route planning according to the weather forecast - go for it! Want to have an update in your own system every time a customer is finished - Go for it!

Previsto is building the window cleaning system of the future and we'd love to have you on board.