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A long-requested feature in Previsto is the ability to organize your customers into groups in order to plan accordingly. You can now create and organize your customers into customer groups and improve planning in your business at the same time.

What are customer groups?

In Previsto, a customer group is a group you create and name. You can decide which customers belong in which group, regardless of their geographical location. For example, you can add all business customers in an area to one group and all private customers in the same area to another group if you wish.

What do you achieve with customer groups?

Previsto tries to plan based on distances and intervals, but if customers in the same area have different intervals or if they are taken in different weeks during a review, they can easily be staggered in the next planning as Previsto tries to respect the interval.

With customer groups, you indicate to Previsto which customers you feel belong together and which should follow each other when planning, even if at some point you take them at different intervals. Previsto will then look for customers in the same customer group when it schedules the next appointment.


If you have some customers in the same customer group with a 4-week interval and one of them is scheduled a week later than the others, this customer will be rescheduled after 3 weeks to fall back into the same interval as the other customers in the group.

You can read more about customer groups on this page.