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New opportunities in Previsto's mobile app

Here at Previsto, we want to make our App an even more powerful tool for those of you on the go. That's why we've added a couple of new options that many have requested: Favorite employees and plans for all employees.

Favorite employees

Previsto supports the ability to specify who you prefer to do a job. You can specify one or more employees, and Previsto will automatically schedule the work for those employees. If it is not possible to schedule work for one of the specified employees (e.g. due to vacation), the work will automatically be scheduled for another employee (unless disabled in the settings).

However, until now, it has not been possible to specify in the mobile app who should be the preferred employees. This has been a disadvantage for those who create tasks on the go. When they have stood at a customer's site and created the agreement they have just made with the customer, they have not also been able to specify which employee should primarily perform the work. However, this is now solved with the latest release of our App. For both Contacts and Appointments, it is possible to select preferred employees. Both Contacts and Appointments now have the option to specify who should do the work. It will be clearly visible on both contacts and appointments if selected, and when editing you have the option to select one or more employees to perform the work.

Overview of all employees' plans

In our web interface, it has always been possible for administrators to view schedules for all employees across the company. However, it hasn't been possible to view the plans of others in the mobile app. This has been a disadvantage when the admin is also on the go.

But our latest release solves this by allowing the admin to choose who they want to see the plan for. Administrators can easily choose which employee they want to see the plan for. When an administrator logs into the app, a dropdown of the plan will appear with the option to select which employee the plan should be shown for. This makes it easy to get an overview even when an administrator in the company is on the go.

Get involved

Previsto is for you. We would therefore like to invite you to get involved in Previsto's future development. Please send us details about your needs to We will collect all suggestions and select the most requested ones for our development of new features.