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New options for editing tasks

In Previsto, scheduling tasks is essential. But there have been limited options for editing the single task. With our latest release, we're giving you far more options for editing tasks.

The new way to edit tasks

We haven't changed your overview of tasks or the ability to move tasks around with drag'n'drop in the timeline, but we have given you a much more powerful tool to edit the details of each task. New options for editing tasks in Previsto With the new task editing tool, we've tried to give you all the editing options for a task in a simple and clear way. Let us explain what each part can be used for.

When creating a new task, you need to select who the customer is. You can do this via the search bar in the top left corner.

When creating a task, you can easily search for the customer You have the option to specify when the task should be completed. Here you can choose the date, as well as any time window or specific time for the execution. You can also choose if the specified date is flexible (i.e. if Previsto can move it a few days to optimize the routes).

In a simple and clear way, you can adjust the time of execution It has also become easier to get an overview of customer and employee information related to each piece of work. When a job has no additional information listed, it is hidden, but you can easily open it up and enter what you need.

It's easy to enter additional information on the individual piece of work.


If you have any input or feedback about our new task editing tool or about Previsto in general, you are always welcome to write to us at