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New feature: Dates with nearby work

With our latest update, a long-awaited feature has been added to Previsto. When you create or edit an appointment, you can now easily see dates for when you have nearby work. This allows you to find an optimal start date for your appointments faster.

You probably know the problem. You're in the process of creating an appointment and have reached the point where you need to specify when to schedule the appointment for the first time. What do you choose? When is the optimal time to start an appointment?

Many customers have requested the option to view a list of dates when you're close to the customer you're creating an appointment for. This makes perfect sense, as having the first date at a time when you are already close to the address will start a good interval for the appointment.

This functionality has been added in the latest update, but let us briefly show you how to do it. It's super simple. You simply create an appointment as you are used to and when you select a specific date for the start of the appointment, you now have the following option: Click on the 'lightning bolt' to get an overview of nearby work The overview gives you a list of all scheduled work for the next 30 days within a 10km radius of the customer you are creating an appointment for. This way, you don't have to leave the image of the appointment you're creating to check the best start date in relation to the distance to other work.