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New user role, hidden customer list, new top bar and more

Another month has passed and more additions and fixes have made their way through development for release to all users of Previsto - this time focusing on user roles, user interface and bug fixes.

New user role

There has long been a need for more separation of access for different employees. Therefore, we had 3 different user roles: Administrator, Manager and Employee. However, this has not covered the need completely. As a step towards covering the need more broadly, we have added another user role: Trusted Employee.

A Trusted Employee has the same rights as Employee had before. However, the Employee role has slightly fewer privileges, for example, they can't see the full customer list, but only the customers they have scheduled work for. The users who previously had the Employee role have automatically been given the Trusted Employee role (with the same privileges as before the change). You can easily change the role under settings. Further explanation of the roles can be seen by clicking View roles under Settings.

New top bar

One of our goals in the continued development of Previsto is to simplify the design of the user interface. As a step towards this, we have redesigned the top bar in Previsto. Pressing the cogwheel will take you to Settings. Previously, you would find Settings on the left side of the interface, but all settings are now located here under the cogwheel. By clicking on the question mark, you can either choose to go to our online help or contact our support team. The last option in the top bar takes you to your profile or you can log out of Previsto.

This simplified design will be implemented throughout the Previsto user interface in the future, and we look forward to developing it further.

Bug fixes

We make a concerted effort to catalog and describe the bugs that are reported via our support from our users. This overview allows us to address them one by one.

In the last month, we have been working on and fixing bugs related to:

  • notifications sent out to customers who are on pause
  • improving route calculation when multiple corrections have been made manually afterwards
  • challenges when logging in with another user after logging out
  • problem with generating duplicate invoices
  • Deleting the only task did not deactivate the agreement
  • when changing company address, location was not updated in maps
  • problems connecting to mobile app
  • challenges with saving email addresses when integrating with Billys
  • various improvements in relation to scheduling tasks  

Thank you - and postscript

Finally, we would like to thank you and encourage you.

It is a huge help for both our support and the development of Previsto if we get as much information as possible when we receive emails about challenges or errors in Previsto. It may sound cliché, but sometimes it can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Imagine if a customer wrote "The window is still dirty, so you need to come and re-clean it." Wouldn't you wish they'd specify which window it was?

So thank you to all of you who put in the effort by being thorough in your description of the problem or attaching pictures to elaborate on your challenges. It's a huge help because it can help us get on track faster or understand the problem more clearly. This way, we can provide you with even better service and support.

Have a great summer - and we look forward to our continued collaboration.