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New setting for dynamic scheduling of the current day

We recently made some adjustments to what happens to task times when they are completed. In addition, we're introducing a new setting that makes it possible to schedule work dynamically on the current day.

The new scheduling option in Previsto

One setting that covers 2 different needs

Our long-term goal in Previsto is to make scheduling even simpler. This requires, among other things, that tasks do not change when they are completed. It shouldn't matter if you complete in the past, today or in the future - tasks should stay where they were planned and not automatically move to another time. It's an easy starting point to understand.

**But there is also a need for many people to allow tasks on the current day to be scheduled and updated dynamically as the day progresses. This is exactly what we want to support with the new setting.

What does the new setting do?

If you enable the new setting, you will find that the system automatically makes some changes when you complete tasks on the current day. When you mark a task completed, Previsto will:

  1. update the task to be completed at the time you tap Done.
  2. recalculate the route based on the last completed task of the day.

It will only do this if you enable the option and only for the current day.

Your feedback

If you have any feedback on this change, we would love to hear from you at