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New feature: Integration to e-conomic accounting

A long-awaited feature that many of our customers have requested is the ability to integrate Previsto with the accounting program e-conomic. With our latest release, this is now a possibility.

How to get started

Integrating Previsto with e-conomic is quite easy. We have created a help page on our support site that guides you through the process in just a few minutes.

See how to do it here:

Once you have set up your integration, Previsto will automatically import customers from your accounts so you can create tasks and appointments on them. New customers you create in Previsto will be created in your accounts the first time they are invoiced. And of course, invoices are automatically created when you perform work and sent to the customer by email. (See the invoicing settings in Previsto if you want it differently).

Other upcoming integrations

We plan to integrate with more accounting systems over time, especially as we reach further into Europe with Previsto. The next integration we have planned is with Stripe, which is not a complete accounting system, but stands out as a free alternative for billing and collection (credit cards, Apple Pay etc.)

You can see more about our planned integrations here: