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New design for subscription and payment overview

You will soon see some changes in your interface regarding your overview of your Previsto subscription and payments. But we would like to give you an insight into this and explain what it means for the security of your payment information.

PCI-certified processing of payment information

When you enter your payment details, we make sure they are securely sent directly to Stripe, a PCI-certified payment provider that handles your card details with the highest level of security. In other words, Previsto has never touched your card details.

Nevertheless, Previsto is part of the certification required by Visa, Mastercard etc. because the payment information is entered via our application. Previsto meets all requirements in this regard, but to make the certification process easier for us, we have chosen to upgrade our payment solution to use Stripe Elements which allows for fully automated certification due to extremely high security. STRIPE ELEMENTS COMES WITH A BEAUTIFUL USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN.

New design of subscription and payment overview

While we were in the process of changing our payment solution, we felt that we might as well optimize our entire subscription overview to make it a little more attractive and user-friendly. In the new design, we make greater use of animations to visualize when changes to the subscription are being updated on our servers. At the same time, we are also trying to make use of a more compact design that feels easier to look at.

The video below is a teaser of the upcoming design.

**Preview of the new design style

As you may have already guessed, this is not just a teaser of a single screenshot in Previsto. It's also a preview of a completely new design that Previsto will use in the future when we implement new screens or choose to rewrite existing features.

We will explain more about this in a later blog post.