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New Dashboard, New Reports, Bugfixes

The last couple of months have brought several new features, which also marks the start of the development of our new user interfaces for Desktop and Tablet. Among other things, we have developed a new Dashboard and a brand new area for reports.

New Dashboard

Redesigned Dashboard](content/images/2021/10/Sk-image-2021-10-19-14.44.35.png)Redesigned Dashboard You may have already noticed - our Dashboard has been completely redesigned. It has a lighter look and feel and a period selector that makes it easier to select common periods such as last 30 days or Q2 (second quarter). We've intentionally kept it simple and focused on the elements that matter most: the summary and graphs.

The new design is part of our planned rewrite of the current user interface, which will be adapted for Desktop and Tablets. In the coming time, parts of the interface will be optimized and simplified to provide a better overview and better possibilities when working from a computer. Of course, it will still be possible to access from a Smartphone.


Rapporter Another thing we've added is a brand new screen, Reports, which you can access from the menu. Here you can download PDF reports for mileage and time spent working based on the scheduling in the system. Over time, we will add more reports to the system to cover the needs that arise for data extraction.

Bug fixes and other improvements

We have also made the following fixes and improvements:

  • If work in a week cannot be scheduled automatically, the user will now be informed about it.
  • Skipped tasks will no longer receive notifications prior to the work.

We hope you enjoy the new features 😃.