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New co-owner

An agreement on joint ownership of Previsto has today been entered into between Previsto Aps and Glad Ejendomsservice. This cooperation agreement helps to ensure Previsto's future operations and development.

A strong partner

Glad Ejendomsservice has a strong knowledge of the service industry and can thus strengthen Previsto with both knowledge and capital. Glad Ejendomsservice is located in Greater Copenhagen, which also contributes as an advantage for Previsto, as many service companies are headquartered in this area.

New pricing structure

In connection with the agreement, we have decided to adjust our pricing structure to enable Previsto to better withstand the challenges that arise. The prices will be raised as part of the costs of increasing data security and for further development of the system.

The new prices will be structured as follows:

  • First user: 179kr/month + VAT.
  • Subsequent users: 49/month + VAT.

The joint ownership and the new pricing structure ensures Previsto's future operations and thus a better future perspective.