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Previsto launches new settings interface

The new Previsto settings interface makes it easier to set up Previsto on demand

The new settings interface has been released today and is included for all Previsto users. It allows users to better customize Previsto to their own needs. Getting an overview of the settings is much simpler now than it has ever been.

Employee settings

Employees are the core of a business, so it's important to be able to set the framework for their work in your company. To simplify this, we've gathered all the details of an employee's settings in one simple view where it's easy to get an overview of the employee's settings. All settings for an employee are gathered in a single overview


Administration of security roles has now been moved to a new dialog with the option to focus on security changes. This makes it clearer that there are some changes that require extra attention in connection with changes.

Settings for notifications to customers

Many companies need to inform customers about upcoming or completed work. Previsto can do this via Email or SMS. Previsto can send them automatically at certain times - or it's possible to ask Previsto to do it at a preferred time.

We've made the settings for this simpler and more descriptive. Settings for customer notifications have been simplified and made more self-explanatory

All settings made easier to understand

The above is just a selection of the settings in Previsto. But all settings in Previsto have been made just as easy to work with. We're confident that users will find it easy to customize Previsto to the needs of their business.

Later, settings for the user's own profile will also be moved into the same settings dialog so that all settings are in one place.

We value your feedback

If you have any feedback on the new settings dialog, we would love to hear from you at