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More natural automatic planning 📅

We are constantly working to improve Previsto and its scheduling capabilities. In this regard, we have just made an adjustment that makes the scheduling more natural for the manual customizations that are often needed.

One of the things that sets Previsto apart from other scheduling systems for the service industry is its automatic route planning across multiple employees and days. When a task is scheduled, Previsto will plan the most optimal driving routes based on locations, employee working hours, customer preferred visit times, etc. However, when users want to make manual changes to the plan to adapt it to specific needs, it has often been a challenge that Previsto also tries to optimize the routes by continuously moving tasks between employees and days in an attempt to create the best routes.

To better accommodate the manual adjustments you need to make to routes, Previsto will now lock tasks for the next 7 days to the day and employee the task is on. This means that all work you have scheduled 7 days ahead will remain on the employee and date that the task is on regardless of any changes in the schedule. Only if you choose to move the task yourself or if the employee suddenly stops working on a given day (e.g. illness or vacation), the task will be moved.

We're pretty excited about this change as we're sure it will make work easier for many of you with a high need for manual adjustments.

Paves the way for a simplified user interface

It's not just the functionality that changes with this move. You may have noticed that under many tasks, there are icons that provide details about how the task is planned. Icons tell you that the task is locked to date and employee The small icons have caused unnecessary confusion in some situations. In fact, from now on they will be redundant because all tasks will be locked to date and employee once they have been scheduled by Previsto for the first time. The date and employee for a task can only be changed by manually selecting it yourself. It will therefore be possible to simplify the visual expression in the user interface by completely removing the superfluous icons. The visual expression will be simplified without the superfluous icons This simplification will soon be visible in the Previsto user interface and will give you fewer things to focus on when planning your work.