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Upcoming changes to the user interface

We want to optimize our user interface for the desktop. This means that in the near future, there will be some major changes to the user interface that may affect your or your employees' daily lives.

Please note the following information relates to our web interface at - not our mobile app for iPhone/Android.

Why change the interface?

Waking up to a new busy day and discovering that the user interface has changed can be stressful. Let's be honest; none of us usually have extra time in our schedules to familiarize ourselves with UI changes. So why change it at all?

Quite simply, we want to optimize and simplify your workflows in Previsto. We have a long list of upcoming extensions for Previsto that will simplify your daily life and improve your ability to communicate both internally (with your employees) and externally (with your customers). But we can't do this without making changes to the user interface.

Fundamentally, our biggest challenge today is that our interface was originally built to support all screen sizes - from a small smartphone to a large 32" computer screen. This worked well when we only had a web interface, but today the situation is different.

We now have an app dedicated to iPhone and Android. It's a scaled-down version of our web interface, optimized for use on the go and using your fingers to navigate. At the same time, we need to optimize our web interface for office use, where you typically have larger screens and use a mouse (or other pointing device). Therefore, there will be changes to the current web interface.

Web for Computer & Tablet; App for Mobile

We will soon change our web interface to be dedicated to office use. This will not change anything for users accessing the interface from a computer or tablet. However, users with smaller devices have been used to seeing the interface in a version that was adapted for mobile devices, and they will experience a change.

When we implement the changes, a mobile device will see the web interface just as it would on a computer. It will still be possible to access the entire interface, but it will no longer be optimized for mobile devices.

Instead, we have been working on getting even more options in our App for iPhone/Android, so that you can perform all the tasks you need to do on the go.

What about smartphone users?

Smartphone users are recommended to install our App for iPhone/Android. We are continuously adding new features to the app to make it more and more useful on the go. At the same time, we are critical about what we add as we want it to be quick and easy to use.

If you or your employees have any feedback about our smartphone app - or about Previsto in general - we would love to hear from you at

Subsequent improvements

As we change the web interface for use on larger screens, we will begin to improve individual areas of the Previsto user interface. You may have noticed that the newer screens like Overview, Files, Import or Reports use a different design. This is the start of our new design, which will primarily be for use on a larger screen.

We will optimize the design of the entire user interface in the coming time, while respecting the workflows you use today. We will also add new features that make it easier to plan and collaborate.