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After requests from Previsto users, we have made a few adjustments to when and how to notify via email about notes in Previsto.

Notification when a note is updated

Until now, an email notification was sent to administrators when a note was created in Previsto. This has been adjusted to send a notification both when a note is created and when a note is changed. This makes it easier to get an overview of which notes you need to be aware of.

Date in notifications

Another adjustment we've made is to include a timestamp in the notification. Until now, notifications might have been sent around the company, making it difficult to know exactly when a note was created. With the new date stamp, it's clear to everyone when the note was created.

Tell us your needs

We plan to significantly improve notifications in Previsto so that all employees can decide what they want to be notified about according to the data they have access to.

But we need your input to create a solution that fits your needs. Please send your needs and ideas to