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Invite new employees

We have recently released a brand new layout for employee management. As a new feature, it is now possible to invite employees into the company. They will receive an email, accept the invitation and will immediately be able to complete work for your company.

Create invitation

Inviting a new employee is easy and simple As your business grows, you often need more hands. With Previsto, you can invite everyone you need and automatically schedule work plans for them right away. You decide how many rights they should have in your company and you can easily remove them from your company if needed.

Adjust work week

We've made it easier to adjust each employee's work week. It's important for Previsto to know when each employee is at work in order to plan their work in the best possible way. Then Previsto can take into account whether some employees have weekly days off, have early days off or the like, and take this into account when planning which driving routes are the most optimal for your company. Clear workweek adjustment

Specify vacation, sickness and custom workdays

While every employee has a plan for when they work - a workweek - there will always be deviations. When summer arrives, vacations are on the horizon, and when winter comes, so does the cold. Or sometimes you feel like working through and other times you feel like getting off early so you can go to the zoo with your family.

With Previsto, it's a breeze to make sure your employees can have that freedom while optimizing your route planning. Simply specify vacation days, sick days or customized workdays, and Previsto will take care of the rest. So if you haven't already used our new employee overview, try it now. And if you're new to Previsto, remember that you always get the first 30 days free with no obligations.