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5 small improvements

We've listened to some of the many requests for Previsto and implemented 5 small details that might make life a little easier for you.

Specific time

You can now set a specific time of day for an appointment. Normally, it's best not to do this, as it limits Previsto's ability to create an optimal route. However, in cases where a specific time has been agreed with the customer, it can be entered and Previsto will take it into account.

Better information on invoice for second payer

If a customer's work is paid for by another customer, it will now be more clearly visible on the invoice. Next to each line item will be the name of the customer being paid for.

Variables in description

Several have asked about the possibility of being able to specify the date the work was done on the item line on the invoice. This can now be done by specifying ${date} in the description of the task. In other words, if the description of a task is "Plastering outside ${date}" then the line item on the invoice will be e.g. "Plastering out 24-09-18".

Granular choice when it comes to notifications

Many users of the system make use of notifications to their customers via SMS or Email. But several have asked about the ability to adjust it individually for each customer. We have added this so that you can now choose to use the settings you have set for notifications for the entire company, or choose something specific for that customer.

Hidden prices and commission

There has been a request to be able to hide the prices for some employees. We have therefore introduced a new type of employee so there is now 'Employee' and 'Trusted employee'. We have also added the option to set a commission for each employee.

A regular employee. Employee' has fewer rights than before and also has a limited user interface. They also cannot see the prices of the work performed. Under the menu item 'Overview' they can see a report of their commission for the work they have done.

A 'Trusted Employee' has almost the same rights as an administrator. They can see all parts of the user interface. They just can't adjust user rights.