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A long-requested feature in Previsto is the ability to link files directly to customers. We are therefore happy to announce that this is now possible and how you can use it.

In relation to customers

On all customers, there will now be a new tab called Files. When you click on it, you will get an overview of all files associated with the customer. Here you can upload all the files you want and you can remove the ones that are no longer relevant. Of course, you can also download the ones you need. You can read more in our help on how to use Files.

Next steps: The app

Our next step is to add the ability to view files from customers directly in our App for iOS/Android. We know that many people have a strong need to be able to share files related to customers with employees using our App, so it's important for us to get this part released next.

Update: This is now released in our mobile app. You can see the same files under customers as you see under customers in the web interface. All customers now have the option to view files associated with the customer.


If you have any input or feedback about Files or about Previsto in general, you are always welcome to write to us at