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Improved timeline

One of the things that sets Previsto apart from our competitors is the ability to plan and optimize routes automatically. Many people are used to doing this manually, which is both time-consuming and difficult to maintain as the customer base grows. We want to change that!

But until now, it has been difficult to get a really good insight into how the work is planned in relation to the desired working hours. So we sat down and discussed the design of our timeline with the goal of optimizing it. We've now broken ground and would like to show you what we've changed so far and explain a bit about what we want to do with it in the future.

What's new?

We came up with a way to bring together a lot of important data about your business and present it in a way that benefits you directly in the timeline. Until now, it was possible to see in the timeline which cities would be visited on each day, but it was difficult to see which days were long, which were short and which were planned specifically to fulfill special appointments with customers.

We have now entered all this information directly into the timeline while maintaining an overview. City names for each day can still be seen by simply hovering your mouse over each day. Timeline showing planned working hours](

What's next

We will continue to work on the timeline to make it an even more powerful tool. It should be possible to adjust working hours directly from the timeline - add vacation, shorten a workday, add a workday, etc.

Was that it?

No, of course not. You have a lot more to come. ;-)