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A new planning calendar takes shape

For the past few weeks, we have been working hard to optimize the planning calendar in Previsto. We're not quite there yet, but we want to show you what you can look forward to right now.

Challenges with the current calendar

The current calendar in Previsto has some clear challenges. To name just a few, it's difficult to navigate, can be slow to work with and can feel cluttered. This has long been a source of frustration for some of our customers. The current planning calendar is not optimal At the same time, many people prefer to work with a real calendar instead of a timeline. We have long since added a real monthly calendar, but few people are aware of it. Moreover, our monthly calendar is not optimal either. Previsto's monthly calendar is also easily confusing and works best with only a few employees Our goal is to create a completely new calendar that is faster and more manageable. After we recently changed the web user interface to be optimized for tablet and computer only, it gives us a much better opportunity to do just that.

Preview of the upcoming planning calendar

As mentioned, we'd like to show you what you can look forward to in our new planning calendar. We've taken a lot of input from different users into our design, so now you'll be able to choose which employees to show in the calendar and it's much easier to go back or forward a period, go to today's date and go directly to a specific date.

In its entirety, our new planning calendar looks like this so far. The design of our new planning calendar is kept light and simple We're still making adjustments to clearly show days off, among other things. However, we have also chosen to remove some details to make the calendar faster to work with, such as planned working hours, which in our current calendar can be seen when hovering over a workday. (In the future, the day will need to be selected for this type of detail to be visible).

In the new calendar, you will be able to select exactly the employees you want to see in your calendar. This is done by opening the dropdown with employees and selecting which ones you want to see. You can select the employees to be shown in the calendar Buttons have also been added to navigate through time. Or you can go to today's date whenever you want. You can move forward or backward in time by whole months or weeks. If you need a calendar overview to find the exact date or week number you are looking for, you can get it by clicking on the calendar icon. The calendar icon gives you easy access to select a date across years, months and weeks. We've also improved the layout of the entire planning calendar to better suit the needs many of you have expressed. Many have found it difficult to navigate a timeline that zooms in and out and where days of the week disappear depending on how much you zoom in and out. We have therefore done away with the ability to zoom in and out in the new calendar.

From now on, the calendar behaves more like a calendar that we are all used to - although it still works as a timeline. It always shows 2 full weeks. It always shows the days of the week. The way the navigation works ensures that you will most often be looking at full weeks from Monday to Sunday. When navigating around, you will most often be presented with 2 full weeks starting on a Monday


As mentioned, we are continuing to work on the calendar and hope to release the new improved calendar within the next couple of weeks. But if you already have feedback on what you have seen here, you are always welcome to write to us at