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Editable notifications

We wanted to give you users the ability to edit the notifications that can be used prior to a customer visit and when a task is completed. This is now possible! What has happened? Get a quick insight into the possibilities here.

Basic settings

It's important to make sure you get the basic settings right from day 1. Previsto has the ability to help you with things like notifying customers prior to your visit and sending an email or text message after the work is done - a great way to document your visit.

First, go to Company and then select Notifications. Here you can set your basic settings for all customers. If you want to customize for certain customers, this is done under the customer itself.

In general, it's worth following our guide on this page: Help with notifications. But what's new?

You decide the content!

You will find the news if you choose to uncheck this box: Once you have unchecked the box, you will see this box appear: Whether you want to make use of both or just one option is up to you. Nevertheless, you have the ability to send your customers exactly the message you want.

You can use up to 4000 characters. An SMS can contain 160 characters. If you choose to write a longer text, it will simply be calculated as multiple SMS messages, but your customer will of course receive it as one continuous SMS.

We hope you will enjoy the new notification option.