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Easier planning with the mouse

One of the most requested features in Previsto lately is the ability to easily make manual changes to the plan. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we can introduce the latest changes we have made to the planning interface: Drag and Drop!

What's new?‚Äč

Previsto has so far gone to great lengths to fully automate scheduling, resulting in shorter driving distances than is otherwise possible to schedule manually. But there are also things that Previsto can't take into account, which is why it's necessary to be able to manually adjust appointments.

Manual scheduling has always been possible in Previsto, but it hasn't been very easy. That's what we want to improve with this new feature.

In all its simplicity, it is now possible to drag a customer from the card to another date in the timeline using the mouse. This moves the customer's appointments from the displayed day to be locked to the day you drop it on. Appointments that are normally scheduled automatically after an interval will fall back to that interval the next time you mark the work as done.

Watch a short example in the video below or read more in our timeline help section.