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Improved launch and access from mobile devices

Many people use their phones or small tablets on the go, so we've made the user interface better. Among other things, there is a new feature that allows you to call the customer "directly" from the page. Some people need to make an appointment with the customer to come in at a certain time; this is now faster and easier.

Deferral has been improved.

It is now possible to postpone several types of appointments; both those set for a specific date and those to be taken on certain days of the week, for example. All to make scheduling as intelligent and simple as possible. Improved postponement]( We continue to work on the timeline to make it an even better tool. It should be possible to adjust working hours directly from the timeline - add a vacation, shorten a workday, add a workday, etc.

There are many new things on the way, and it's all thanks to the input we get from those of you who use Previsto on a daily basis. Thank you again for your feedback!