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Changes and adaptations

To make it easier for you to keep up with the ongoing development on, we now provide you with a monthly overview where you can be briefly updated.

Wet fingers shouldn't stop you from quickly getting in touch with your customer via our app. That's why we've resized the customer contact buttons so you can quickly and easily get back to work. In the app, we have also ensured that data entered in Previsto is updated in the app, which unfortunately hasn't always happened in the past.

You can now also choose whether you want to add increased security in the app. We have made it possible to enter a TouchID or PIN code when using the app. You can find the option under Settings -> Security.

Maybe you've struggled with the maximum limit for SMS, emails and files. It can be hard to be limited in your work, so we have now increased the limit for SMS to 2500 per month and made room for 1 GB of files. However, for security and other reasons, we can't remove the limit completely.

In addition to the above changes, we have also looked at various bugs that could annoy you in your daily work. This typically covers the errors our customers report. Here we can mention:

  • Contacts must be marked as customers upon creation
  • Cannot activate appointment if "next date" is in the past
  • Lack of automatic scheduling in certain months
  • Previously executed appointments can't be reactivated when it's only for execution once
  • Appointments created for execution over a period of time cannot be locked on a specific day

We hope this list of customizations and changes will help you in your everyday life.