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Breaking Changes to our Api

We have recently made some changes to our Api which means some properties have been deprecated, although not removed. They will, however, be removed in time.

Changes to the Assignment resource

The changes to our Api relates specifically to the Assignment resource. We are making the structure of it more general to prepare it for the changes we are making to Previsto in the future.

We have changed the following properties:

  • timestamp
  • planningDate
  • planningDateType
  • planningAccountIds
  • task.amount
  • task.agreementId

Instead we have introduced a new plan object on the Assignment to hold all planning details of an assignment. For properties on the task object(amount and agreementId) we have simply renamed the properties. While the deprecated properties are still available, they will be removed in the future. Check out our Api specification for more details.

What Must I Do?

If you do not integrate to Previsto with our Api, you need not do anything at all. However, if you use our Api, you will need to make sure that your integrations conform to the changes we have made in our Api.

Again, check out our Api documentation for more information about the changes.