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Arbejde, der ikke bør udføres

You know when a customer contacts you because they want to skip the next job? Until now, Previsto has allowed you to postpone the work for a period of time, but many have told us that they missed the ability to see afterwards that the work was skipped. We've done something about that!

How does it work?

Until now, when you click on a customer in the plan overview, you have been able to see a popup showing the work to be done. Here you have been able to mark the work as done or postpone it. What's new is that we've added the option to mark the work as not to be done - and at the same time, we've refined the look of the popup to make it easier to navigate. An improved popup on the map of today's work](

What about the history?

One of the benefits of this improvement is that we now keep track of when you've done the work and when you've chosen to skip it. This will also be shown in the plan overview when you look at previously completed work. See in the history which customers were skipped](