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Changes to 'Start' and 'Complete'

We have made some changes to how the 'Start' and 'Complete' task works. This post briefly explains what the changes are.

Purpose of the change

There have been several requests to be able to complete tasks without changing the scheduled time of the task. Today, this is only possible for tasks on previous or future days. The purpose of changing how 'Start' and 'Complete' work is to make it possible to mark tasks as completed without changing the time of the task.

What it changes to

After we have made the change, tasks will only have their scheduled time changed if they are marked as started by clicking the 'Start now' button. Clicking start to mark the task as started will change the task's start time It will be different with the 'Completed' button. A task that is marked as completed will generally only change status and not time. The only exception is if the task does not already have a time (e.g. tasks that can be completed within several days). Clicking complete on a task will normally not change the start time of the task


You might be thinking: "What does this mean for me"?

If you're used to always starting tasks before you complete them, then this change won't affect your daily life. For you, this won't change anything. When tasks are marked as started, they will always have their time changed to the current time.

But if you also complete tasks that are not marked as started, you will find that the tasks will stay at the time they were planned. This will be a change from what you are used to.

Your feedback

If you have any feedback on this change, we would love to hear from you at