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Add extraordinary work

As mentioned in previous post, it is not always possible to plan exactly what needs to be done at the customer site. It has already been possible to change the tasks or remove a task that wasn't going to be done anyway, but we have recently given you even more options.

Add work to an existing task

Previsto now allows you to add a new piece of work to the task you have with the customer. You don't need to have an agreement in place to add it. Maybe the customer asks you to do something you've never done before, and now you can say 'yes please' on the spot, agree on a price and have it on the invoice within minutes. Add to task The changes only apply to this one task and will not change any other agreement(s) you have with the customer.

Adding an extra task

Every now and then, a customer wants you to come in and do some extraordinary work for them outside of the agreed interval. But until now, this has required you to make an appointment on a specific date, knowing that you wouldn't use that appointment again as it was just a one-off task.

We've added the ability to create a task for a customer directly from the plan overview. Simply select a work plan and you can add a new task to the work plan. Just like the other tasks, they can be marked completed and invoiced.