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Time for change

It's not always possible to complete your work as planned. The customer may not be home or there may be things that prevent you from getting to where you need to work. You may therefore need to adjust the planned work when you are at the customer's site - and the latest changes in Previsto allow you to do just that.

Adjusting the task

Previsto now allows you to change the individual task at the customer site rather than the entire agreement. When you choose to view the task in the plan, you can adjust the price, text and time until you either complete or post the task. You click the pencil to edit, change the details you want to change and finally click V to save. Task adjustment]( The changes will only apply to this one task and will not change the agreement(s) you have with the customer.

Adding extra work

Many people often find themselves in the situation where the customer agrees on extra work to be done. In this case, there is a need to be able to add extra work to the customer's current task.

This is the next step in Previsto and we expect to support it very soon so that you can both perform an agreement extraordinarily or perform a piece of work that is in addition to the agreements you have with the customer.

Invoicing of adjusted tasks

If you have connected your business to an accounting system, the changes you make to a task will be reflected in the invoice as soon as the work is posted.

**So, in practical terms If you're at a customer site and adjust the price of the work, you can do it via your smartphone instantly. When you then select 'Complete work', the invoice will be generated with this adjustment.